Order processing: Streamlined and hassle free

Sample development

Minimum turnaround time for product samples is ensured by our streamlined workflow. You have a choice of either submitting a sample to us for replication or you can request a product catalog and choose a design (with or without modifications). The process starts when we receive the sample guidelines (CAD/specifications/ actual physical item) and is completed when you approve the sample for production.

Option 1: Duplication of submitted sample

In case you want us to replicate a certain product you can send us the details. Based on how you want to convey the specifications, you can send us a physical sample and/or CSD drawing which we will use to screen development and finalize a physical sample that will be sent for your approval. In case there are any changes you can let us know and we will modify the sample so that it fits your requirement

Option 2: In house development

We have an extensive collection of designs and styles that can be modified according to your request. You can order a catalog and choose the article numbers.that interests you. We will send you the samples and you can suggest us the changes. The design will now be sent for screen development, and after consultation a physical sample will be produced and sent to you for approval. Of course, any suggestions are welcome in any stage of the development phase, the product will be finalized only when you are completely satisfied.


Our merchandising  and design staff will be in constant touch with you throughout the development phase. The sample will only be finalized once we have your approval and then you can place an order.

Order processing

You will have to confirm the quantity of the order (minimum order quantity is 300 units per product). We will then develop a sample with your cooperation and once it has been finalized we will ask you for the PO sheet with all the details and your courier account number. After development, the pre production sample will be sent for approval. At this stage we would want your feedback and comments and will modify the final product accordingly. Once you are totally satisfied you can place an order. In case you choose an item which is in stock it will take seven days for the order to be completed. In case we do not have the item in stock, the order will be completed within 50 days. We would need 30% T/T in advance. Products will be shipped either FOB Delhi airport and would need the balance 70% payment T/T before delivery or FOB Delhi in which case we would need the balance 70% payment on copy of the B/L.