Date:May 28, 2013

Scarves and bandanas

Premium quality scarves and wraps in sizes ranging from 50×180 to 100×200 Cm. We either use natural materials like cotton, cashmere and silk or synthetic. We also offer scarves made of blended fabrics. Products can be of any design, either solid color or printed patterns. Tie and die scarves are also very popular. They can be smooth or crinkled or made to any specification that you want. We also manufacture embroidered scarves with added embellishments like beads, laces and pom poms etc.

Scarves, stoles, bandanas, sarongs and wraps

Sizes Fabric Design
100×100 100% Cotton Solid
50×180 100% Viscose Tie-dye
50×200 100% Silk Ombre/Dip-dye
70×180 100% Polyester Printed
70×200 100 % Cashmere Crinkled
125×125 100% Modal Embellishments – Embroidery
100×180 100% Wool Embellishments – Sequins
100×200 100% Linen Embellishments – Beads
100% Acrylic Embellishments – Laces
 Silk/Cotton Embellishments - Pom Pom
 Cashmere/Silk  Embellishments – Tassels
 Silk/Wool  Embellishments – Fringes
 Wool/Modal  Embellishments – Crochet
 Cashmere/Modal  Yarn-Dye